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iPhone Note Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone?

Ever erased some notes off your iPhone or they just disappeared when syncing from iCloud didn’t work? Maybe you've tried to find a solution on the Internet, and you've been frustrated because of there are so many different voices about this problem. Some says that there is no way to perform iPhone Notes recovery while others say they can. Under this situation, what will you do?

In fact, you can restore notes to iPhone on Mac and Windows within a few simple clicks. But the key point is to find a professional iPhone Note Recovery software to help you. Here, we could like to recommend this easy-to-use iPhone Backup Extractor for your reference. It has Windows and Mac version to meet your needs.

With this software, you can easily recover deleted notes from iPhone iTunes backup files on Mac and Windows system as easy as 1-2-3. Want to see the detailed tutorials? Just click the below icons and keep reading the following article.

Detailed Steps to Recover Lost Notes from iPhone on Mac

Step 1. After installing this app on your computer or Mac, you can double-click on its desktop icon to launch it. Then you'll see below versions on your computer or Mac screen respectively. Here, you need to select your iPhone iTunes backup file and hit "Start Scan" to start scanning for files.

Step 2. After the scan, all files on the backup file will be divided into different folders, including call history, contacts, messages, notes, etc. Just click "Notes" and enter this category to find your deleted iPhone notes one by one.

recover deleted notes from iphone

Step 3. If you've found all your lost notes, you can hit "Recover" button to save them on your computer or Mac directly. To avoid losing data again, we highly recommend you to backup data regularly.

What's More about iPhone Note Recovery?

As above guides shows, this iPhone Note Recovery software also can help to find back previous notes, photos, videos, contacts, messages and call history on your iOS device.

What's more, this tool also fully compatible with your iPad and iPod completely.

Fantastic? Just click the below button to take a free trial of iPhone Note Recovery for Windows or Mac to recover deleted notes from iPhone, iPad and iPod as you like.

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